A downloadable game for Windows

Gilgamesh the Alien is just looking for some-body!

An unexpected explosion sent your limbs all across your spaceship!

Find your body parts after this catastrophic event by watching them on the monitors in the Security Room and re-attach them in the Assembly Room!

[Left and Right] or [A and D] - Move around

[E] - interact

[Space] - Jump or Punch

[Esc] - Return to the head

[Up and Down] or [W and S] - Climb up and down with the hand

Game Designer: Harry Stott

Programmer: Stanislav Volokhovych

Sound Designer: Kirk Tiller

Artists: Angelina Lewis, Amber Roy, Daniel Lomas, Liam Bennet

Special thanks to David and Mia!


Scatterbody.zip 31 MB

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